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Products and Expertise

  • Developed for internal purposes
  • Allows to track employee’s check and check out
  • Allows HR to keep track of employee’s hours and coming late for work
  • Automatically creates timesheets
  • Developed for internal purposes while working for KazAvtoZhol
  • Project for KazAvtoZhol included regular high altitude work on a remote site (Astana-Borovoe high way)
  • Mobile application was used to store task details, keep track on the project schedule, informing about the start and end of work, type in the results and make a control photo (selfie) before climbing

Procurement and Budget Control

  • Comparison of income and expenses with the previous period
  • Tracking development and non-execution of the budget
  • Determination of the maximum, average and minimum value by product code
  • In a competitive and non-competitive way of procurement
  • By purchase volumes

  • Tracking deadlines and contract payment
  • Risk indicators
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