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  • Registry of the Contracts and Amendments
  • Report Collection
  • Powerful analytics tools
  • Collecting statistical data through the phone calls
  • Notably reduces expenses for businesses in rural area, allowing them not to travel to the cities to submit the reports
  • Astana-Shuchinsk highway
  • Software updated helped to convert up to 30% of users to the prepaid tariffs, thus reducing the queues on toll plazas
  • Improvement of the plate number recognition process raised the toll collection by 10% 

Experience - State Revenue Committee and Center for Electronic Finances

  • More than 50 Tb of text and numerical data
  • Building complex reports in minutes
  • Cameral Control (antifraud component) significantly raised the tax collection in the same time reducing the number of tax audits
  • Keeping the track of all the taxed owed and payed 
  • Reduced the time from the moment of a payment to the moment of getting the money on the account from 4 days to 10 minutes
  • “Heart” of the state revenue committee software ecosystem
  • Converted several services into electronic format (including the registration of cashier machines), thus reducing service time from day to minutes
  • Providing un-interrupting dataflow for parties both inside and outside of Kazakhstan
  • Functioning 24*7 with 99/9 uptime

Our offers

  • Procurement and Budget Control
  • TimeClock and other face tracking applications
  • Mobile applications for field workers
  • Big Data solutions
  • Software for Mobile and Wearable Devices
  • Specialized software development
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